“Even Christians Advised Me to Abort”

Even Christians Advised Me to Abort



This is the inspiring story by Tasmanian Jane Evans about the many blessings she has reaped for honouring God’s commandments, and choosing life when advised to abort her unborn son.


God never wants us to destroy His creation. As Scripture tells us, we were moulded by Him and He knew us in the womb, and He knows our destiny.

From the day I was immersed in the waters of Bream Creek (East Coast of Tasmania) for baptism, not only was I born again, but I was given a heavenly gift of the most extraordinary, peaceful and beautiful baby girl. This was indeed a gift from angels, as I had been unable to conceive for many years. My now 14 year-old daughter Amy Rose, whom I call my baptism baby, and who is a true miracle of God.

I went on my merry way thinking this was a one-off miracle until I became pregnant again two years later. My world felt like it was falling apart when at 20 weeks I was advised to abort my baby son Luke. It seemed that his heart and lungs were not right and that medical intervention was useless.

Being a woman of faith, and not accepting the word of the medical world, I continued on with the pregnancy. I believed in another miracle in my life, where I could show the world and say, “See this is what they said , but look what God has done!” Abortion was never an option in my mind, as I believed that where there is life there is hope.

Strange counsel came at this time, where even Christians advised me to abort, “for (my) own sake.” How glad I am now that I didn’t listen, and my spirit just groaned at this advice. Many words were also spoken in the church of how great a witness would be the birth of a healthy baby boy. None of this advice would be correct.

During the last months of my pregnancy, I developed with my child a relationship I had never imagined possible. I would sing, laugh, talk and cry with Luke. (His name was selected in hope of a medical miracle.) I had been given what seemed like a heightened sense of Luke’s presence. Having a riding school, I would choose the safest horse and ride out with Luke for hours, whilst he would give me little kicks of pleasure, letting me know he loved the rocking motion and the time we were having together. I developed a beautiful bond with my unborn son.

At 8 months I was rushed by air ambulance from Hobart to the Melbourne Children’s hospital. I had gone into labor a month prior as I had done with my daughter, Amy. I had a natural birth with Luke (unlike Amy’s rushed Caesarean section.) As soon as he was born, they put him in my arms for what seemed like a split second and then rushed him away to theatre. He had the same curly strawberry blond hair as his sister and broad little shoulders.

The doctors tried what they could but from the X-rays they were able to see that the lungs and the heart were not connected and that he would not survive. When I got to see Luke again he was hooked up to a multitude of medical instruments. They asked me if I wanted to have one of the hospital chaplains come and gave me a choice of denominations from which to choose. I surprised myself when I asked for the Catholic nun. My husband was Catholic, but I was brought up a Protestant. I just felt it was right. Life support was removed and we said goodbye to our son whilst praying the Lord’s Prayer. A very special moment occurred at that time and it was palpable in the room. It was as if the heavens opened up and Luke’s soul just slowly and peacefully departed that room.

The elderly nun was absolutely amazed by this special moment and she came back to see me later.   She said, “Jane, what just happened in that room was just so special so I went and pulled your file to see what had occurred. I found out that you were advised to abort your child at 20 weeks, yet you refused. God has shown that you have honoured Him by giving your child the chance to live. This is one of the most special things I have witnessed in all my years.” She noted to me that Luke had lived outside my womb for 7 hours & 7 minutes – God’s number of completion.

During the next couple of weeks, some extraordinary things occurred. Whilst planting a rose bush on our property in Luke’s honour, an enormous eagle (I don’t really think they grow that big) hovered above me and looked me in the eye, bringing me to my knees. At Luke’s memorial service, I had the most beautiful aroma of roses, so although I couldn’t see them, I enquired later who had brought the roses. No-one had! I since found out that Catholics say the aroma of roses represents the Mother Mary and others say it is the Holy Spirit. I felt God with me, very close.

I still experienced grief, resentment and pain, especially from people who would quote Romans 8:28 to me that God only works for the good. I reacted with anger at these statements – Surely what good could come out of this? I would rant and rave at God. I was put on anti-despressants but came off them within a week, when I realised that I wasn’t in touch with my emotions.  My great support during this time was the Body of Christ – the Church. Many of my church friends would visit me and they’d bring casseroles and just love me. Of great comfort to me was the love of my 2 year old daughter who was content to just cuddle me for hours whilst I wept.

It has taken me 12 years to realise that God wants me to share my experience with other women. A South African Christian pastor and singer (Glenda Watson) came to our church and preached a sermon about disappointment. It was then that I realised that I still needed some healing. In summer 2009, when I was in Fiji (where my heart lies), I sensed from God that he wanted me to share my many stories and in particular my major one – the birth and loss of my son.

“For God so loved the world…”

I know what a huge sacrifice He made for you and me.

Wow! Having to concede that God does work for good in everything was an epiphany for me, but when I look at Romans 8:28 again, it says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those that love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” 

If God’s only purpose for me in this life was to offer the free gift of life to Luke, and to be an encouragement to other women to keep their unborn babies, then God has done great things through me and to me.




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