What I’ve Learned About Unplanned Pregnancies

What I’ve Learned About Unplanned Pregnancies   I guess I know a little about pregnancy, and even what it’s like to face one that isn’t planned. A lot of women find themselves in circumstances much worse than mine were, but I can understand the confusion and the uncertainty. I can sympathise with women I meet who’ve had to make that ‘really difficult decision’. My first pregnancy was my first...

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Buffer-Zone Arrests

Buffer-Zone Arrests   Three people were arrested in Hobart, Tasmania, for protesting the state’s abortion-provider exclusion-zone laws. Two were later released, but my friend, Graham was strip-searched and held in custody for four hours! You can read Graham’s report below. And please sign the Change.Org petition which has been organised by a group of prolife people in the ACT, where similar laws are being suggested....

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The Secret Heart of an Adorer

    This guest post is by my friend, Jess Leach, who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. Jess is one of the lovely people who have deepened my appreciation for Eucharistic Adoration. For this, and for her loyal friendship, I am indebted to her. The Secret Heart of an Adorer Near the end of her life, Annie S. Hawks recalled how she had written the words to the 1872 hymn, “I Need Thee Every Hour.” “I remember the...

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The Floating Host

The Floating Host     What I’m about to relate is a true sequence of events that happened last Sunday, and how the Lord brought His encouragement in a very unusual way. I hope this story will encourage you, as well. Here’s what happened: After a weekend of driving from place to place with a van full of less-than-compliant children, I landed at Sunday evening Mass, and feeling like I was only there to fulfil an...

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The Living Allegory

  The Living Allegory. My family joined the Helpers of God’s Precious Children for their monthly meeting and we took part in the battle between the serpent and the woman on the streets of Melbourne.   The Supper of the Lamb. The morning started with Mass at the Cathedral said by a Polish Jesuit priest and accompanied by a small but very lovely choir. It was my children’s first time at the Cathedral and my...

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What Being a Young Sydney Catholic Taught Me about Mission

  What Being a Young Sydney Catholic Taught Me about Mission. Today’s guest post is by my friend, Luke Streher. Luke works at Cradio (Catholic Radio) in Sydney and is a lay-member of the Immaculata Order. I asked Luke if he would write about his experience as young Catholic in Sydney, and this was his response.   A man, sitting at a desk before the glow of an iMac, surrounded by the white soundproof walls of a North Sydney...

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