5 Medical Reasons to Avoid Contraceptive Devices

5 Medical Reasons to Avoid Contraceptive Devices Recently, I wrote about 5 medical reasons to avoid the contraceptive pill and this post will continue that theme with a look at contraceptive devices. As with the previous post in this series, all sources used are either medical or secular, so there can be no accusation of a pro-life bias. Contraceptive devices come under the general heading of LARCs, or Long-Acting Reversible...

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5 Medical Reasons to Avoid the Contraceptive Pill

5 Medical Reasons to Avoid the Contraceptive Pill For fifty years, the contraceptive pill has been promoted as a panacea for the most serious ‘problem’ women have to face: pregnancy. But many pro-life people, and especially Catholics, have had grave moral reasons for avoiding use of the pill. [See this post for a Catholic mother’s experience of the pill.] Now, mainstream medicine is beginning to wake up to the fact...

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Postscript from China

Postscript from China The latest reports of another relaxation of China’s One-Child policy prompted ‘Rose” to write one last post about her view of China through a pro-life lens. (For more information about this alleged change to the One-Child Policy, please read this article from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers)   Walking down the streets of China can be a very disturbing experience for a Pro-life...

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The Life and Legacy of Marie Stopes

The Life and Legacy of Marie Stopes 10 Things You May Not know About the Founder of Marie Stopes International.        Marie Stopes was a paleobotanist.  Marie Stopes was awarded a PhD in paleobotany from the University of Munich in 1904, and became the youngest doctor of science in Britain; she was the first female academic at the University of Manchester. 2. Marie Stopes did not approve of divorce or abortion. Marie...

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Evangelium Vitae #13

Evangelium Vitae #13 in order to facilitate the spread of abortion, enormous amounts of money have been invested and continue to be invested in the production of pharmaceutical products which make it possible to kill the foetus without recourse to medical assistance. On this point, scientific research itself seems to be almost exclusively preoccupied with developing products which are ever more simple and effective in suppressing life...

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