Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl

Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl




A post about the cause for Venerable Margaret Sinclair caught my eye a few months ago on Twitter, and I was quite curious about this potential new saint to come out of Edinburgh, Scotland.


After finding out more about this ‘ordinary girl’, I started to invoke Margaret when I had technical difficulties with my website or internet connection. And to cut a long story short (I have LOTS of technical difficulties - many are user-error :) ), Margaret has always come through for me. I believe it’s through her intercession that I’m writing this post on my  newly-acquired Macbook Pro - a second-hand one I was fortunate enough to find this week. It is beautiful and the previous owner still had the box in came in.


I started to feel such an affinity for Margaret, that I nominated her as one of the patrons of our National Prayer Campaign. You can find some prayers and a novena to Venerable Margaret here:













One of the major players in the cause for Margaret’s canonisation is Dianne Thomas. Dianne and her company White Lion Films, are responsible for producing some great feature films, including a documentary on Margaret Sinclair.

You can see some information about their other productions here:

The Documentary on Venerable Margaret Sinclair was one year in the making and the guest speakers were Sr Francisca, Fr Richard Reid, Fr James Cosker, Fr Phillip Walshe, Sr Agnes Clare, Sr Marie-Claire, Sr Susanna Clare, Sr Mary Paul, Sr Assumpta, Sr Bernard, Daniel Cairney, Bishop Stephen Robson.



It was really touching to watch this video and see how lovingly the speakers related their thoughts on Margaret, her life and her charisms. And it’s very refreshing, in this age of the cult of celebrity with such an emphasis on novelty and extremism to see how someone very ordinary lived out her vocation in relative solitude, yet left such an impact on those who knew her.

Here is the link to White Lyon Films’ documentary on Margaret Sinclair:

Margaret Sinclair: The Untold Story.

Dianne and the team are in post-production for a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution of the feature film on Margaret. Please like and follow the movie’s Facebook page or follow White Lyon Films on twitter, and you’ll always know the status of the campaign, and even have the opportunity to help fund a movie about the life of this very saintly young woman.




You can see some more of Dianne’s other videos on Margaret Sinclair here:

Margaret Sinclair: An Ordinary Girl trailer.
Behind the Scenes Part 1

Behind the Scenes Part 2

Behind the Scenes part 3

Behind the Scenes Part 4



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