Calling Good Evil

Calling Good Evil You could be forgiven for suffering overexposure after the recent succession of videos and campaigns targeting abortion-giant Planned Parenthood. The stories are shared all over Facebook and twitter, along with blogposts, commentaries and counter-attacks. But this ‘overexposure’ needs to be put into perspective. What may seem like overkill to those who identify as ‘I wouldn’t have an abortion,...

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Writing Straight With Crooked Lines: Lorraine’s Story

Writing Straight With Crooked Lines   Todays’ post is a little different from the kind I usually feature. Lorraine Reguly is a respected writer and blogger who has endured a great deal of suffering in her life. Lorraine has kindly answered a few questions about her past and how it is possible to thrive in the face of adversity. Please click through all the links to read more about her experiences, especially this one that...

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Words in Passing: A Poem by Chris Langan-Fox

                                    Words in Passing   We were not ready. We were distracted. Exhausted. Battle had taken its toll But the Family survived. The children played.   Malevolent Smile. She was Ready. Definite. Ordered. The Blue Pencil, poised. Poisoned. Flooding in, the swamp re-defined the land, The familiar, the family,...

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