A Letter from Mary Wagner

A Letter from Mary Wagner Pro-life prisoner, Mary Wagner, wrote this letter to encourage all Christians in carrying their crosses, particularly those in Canada, who are being threatened with the removal of their conscientious objection to doctor-abetted euthanasia. Thanks to Toronto Catholic Witness for making this letter available here. January 23, 2016 My dear Christian Sisters and Brothers, Since we are all so deeply concerned for...

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Pro-life Pilgrimage: Part 1 - Faith!

Pro-life Pilgrimage: Part 1 - Faith! (See part 2 here and part 3 here!)   Some of my friends asked for a travelogue, so I’ll get something written while I have credit on the computer - no free wifi here at the hotel. As I flew across the Pacific Ocean. a thought was preoccupying me - how many really good people are being held back from living out a dream or failing to act on an inspiration out of fear?...

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How I Was Almost a Victim of Planned Parenthood

How I Was Almost a Victim of Planned Parenthood Guest post by Shiksa Yisrael. She saw our tweets about the buffer-zone legislation and wanted to share her story to encourage Australian pro-lifers. Shiksa chose life for her baby after hearing an advertisement about a pro-life rally while driving in her car. The advertisement influenced her to have an ultrasound which ultimately saved the life of her baby.   I feel like I have aged...

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The Myth of the Backyard Abortion

The awesome Bill Muehlenberg kindly allowed me to reproduce this article here on my site. Bill is a prolific writer on many diverse topics from homosexuality to Islam to abortion. He writes from a Protestant perspective, and has a great insight into the issues common to faithful Christians in these morally turbulent times. Make sure you check out his informative website CultureWatch. NB: this article was recently updated to include...

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The Holy Eucharist and Pro-Life Formation

                            The Holy Eucharist and Pro-Life Formation This article first appeared on the website Faithful Catholics,  and is reproduced here with kind permission of the web-manager, Maureen Ward. It was written by the late Fr. Jim Whalen in 2004, and is posted here with minor  corrections.   Pope St.  John Paul II proclaimed a Year of the Holy...

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