Pro-life Pilgrimage: Part 1 - Faith!

Pro-life Pilgrimage: Part 1 - Faith! (See part 2 here and part 3 here!)   Some of my friends asked for a travelogue, so I’ll get something written while I have credit on the computer - no free wifi here at the hotel. As I flew across the Pacific Ocean. a thought was preoccupying me - how many really good people are being held back from living out a dream or failing to act on an inspiration out of fear?...

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More to Life - Natalie’s Story

More To Life - Natalie’s Story This is my friend Natalie’s testimony of her experience with terminal cancer. While so many these days are encouraged to end their lives for even the flimsiest of reasons, Natalie’s story shows that life is meaningful, even when there is suffering involved.   This weekend marks an important anniversary for me. It is the ninth anniversary of my diagnosis of terminal lung...

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The Theological Virtues: Faith

      The Theological Virtues: Faith Or: God’s Truth in Our Souls   Perhaps you remember how back when we were discussing the Cardinal Virtues, the first on the list was Prudence, because it was the virtue of knowledge, and knowledge must always come before all other activities. You have to know what to do before you can do it. The same is true on the supernatural level: you have to have a supernatural...

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