Lack of Love in Your Orthodox Parishes

Lack of Love in Your Orthodox Parishes: A Poem


Heavenly Mother

I see that you are grieving

For the lack of love in parishes

Many are the people there




But it makes you sad

Because they do not love


To offer help for the spirit alone

Without fellowship

Without love

Is meagre help indeed


So many need more


Someone to talk to

Someone to listen

They need a friend

When friends are scarce


It can be hard

Io walk with someone

When they’re troubled

It takes more time

Than most want to give


I imagine you, Mary

Not rushing away

When a living prayer

Was standing near

Or when your kind words

Made a hardened heart yield

And your kind ear

Made a lonely spirit peaceful


They aren’t bad people, Mother

They suffer for their views

But are perhaps proud


Please open their eyes

To the meaning of Scripture

They honoured me with lip service

but their hearts were far from me


For when a person is in need

Your Son’s Heart is with them

and there should our hearts also be



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