5 Indispensable eBooks for Pro-lifers

5 Indispensable eBooks for Pro-Lifers (This post contains affiliate links. That means that any purchase you make from Amazon through a link on my site provides me with a small profit to offset my costs.) I thought I’d celebrate becoming an Amazon affiliate by sugg read more Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new...

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Mr. Merlino, Your Pants Are on Fire

Mr. Merlino, Your Pants Are on Fire   Last week, a rally was held by concerned parents and other community members, to protest the highly sexualised content of the Safe Schools Coalition program. Although the program has been touted as an anti-bully resource, its openly Marxist co-founder is in reality trying to deconstruct traditional genders and the natural family. Petitions against the SSC program were presented to the...

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Same-Sex Mirage

Same-Sex Mirage American marriage apologist, Ryan Anderson, spoke in Melbourne this week about the disastrous consequences of redefining marriage. He is in a good position to advise us here in Australia, having seen the effects of legal same-sex ‘marriage’ both in Canada, and more recently in the US. Ryan gave us four main points to familiarise ourselves with, in order to defend traditional marriage. 1. Optional parents....

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5 Reasons Parents Need to Be Pro-Life

5 Reasons Parents Need to be Prolife   “The family is a kind of school of deeper humanity.” Gaudium et Spes (CH II #52) Many times we’d prefer  to continue our relatively comfortable life which, in truth, has enough worries of its own, but as we gradually feel more and more uneasy about the plight of our youngest brothers and sisters or our elderly, we feel an obligation to do more. Some of us become active in...

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Ireland #VotesYes For Discrimination.

Ireland #VotesYes for Discrimination … Against Christianity.   In other news, the former Emerald Isle has adopted six more colours to become a full-blown rainbow, and has voted to extend its informal policy of discrimination against Christians to a legally-binding imperative. In a startling display of solidarity, the anti-Christian liberals who make up just 36% of Ireland’s population voted to protect the rights of...

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An Insight Into The Sex Industry

  An Insight into the Sex-Industry The words of the daily Prayer of Consecration of MEV (Missionaries of Evangelium Vitae) members, “To love my neighbour as myself”,  are the thought behind today’s post. Below is my interview with a psychologist who spent many years working in Melbourne’s brothels, counselling the prostitutes who worked there. In these places of hopelessness and despair, he found a way to...

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