A Chat with Rob Pyne

A Chat with Rob Pyne Although I live in Victoria, I joined my Queensland confreres yesterday on Twitter, to help promote their annual March for Life, and to protest proposed abortion law reform in their state. Abortion is illegal in Queensland, although the state boasts read more Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new...

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The Former Democracy?

The Former Democracy? Religious freedom and freedom of speech took a savage blow today, as ‘Safe Access zones’ of 150 m from abortion facilities were finally enacted in our state of Victoria. Having learned nothing from the Holocaust, from the tragedy of slavery, or from any dictatorship that disavowed the rights of one specific class of people, our Marxist government has decided not to protect pre-born babies, but instead...

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Answering Eureka Street

Answering Eureka Street Catholic (and other) pro-lifers were disappointed to read a recent post supporting buffer-zones and the ‘right to choice’ in general, in the Jesuit online magazine, Eureka Street. Fatima Measham wrote this article about the introduction of 150 metre buffer-zones outside Victoria’s abortion facilities, and while she believes life begins at conception, she simultaneously holds that women have...

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#nobuffer Twitter Campaign

#nobuffer Twitter Campaign Buffer-zone legislation will be debated again this week in Parliament and in true pro-life style we are holding a Tweetfest on Monday 23 November from 5pm - 9pm. (We’ll peak around 8 pm) I’m very grateful to the many pro-lifers from Australia and overseas who will be joining us for this campaign and especially want to welcome those who have opened new accounts or rebooted old ones just for...

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