In Their Words: Dr. Jerome Lejeune

In Their Words: Dr. Jerome Lejeune In Their Words is a new section of the website devoted to quotes from famous pro-life and pro-choice activists and thinkers, and also includes some personal testimonies. Today’s post looks at Dr. Jerome Lejeune. Dr. Lejeune was a French researcher who is known as the father of genetics, since it was he that discovered the extra set of chromosomes in Downs Syndrome patients, and renamed the...

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The Life and Legacy of Marie Stopes

The Life and Legacy of Marie Stopes 10 Things You May Not know About the Founder of Marie Stopes International.        Marie Stopes was a paleobotanist.  Marie Stopes was awarded a PhD in paleobotany from the University of Munich in 1904, and became the youngest doctor of science in Britain; she was the first female academic at the University of Manchester. 2. Marie Stopes did not approve of divorce or abortion. Marie...

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Peter Singer: The Utility of Euthanasia

Peter Singer: The Utility of Euthanasia   Below are some extracts  from Peter Singer’s book: ‘Practical Ethics’ on the topic of euthanasia, and a few points to be taken from each one.   Singer starts by stating that for euthanasia to be safely enacted, safeguards would need to exist, in order to protect people from being wrongfully killed. But he denies the effectiveness of such a safeguard in his next...

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Will You Regret Paying $50,000 To Have A Girl?

Will You Regret Paying $50,000 to Have a Girl?   This post was written in response to an article published by The Age this week entitled “I paid $50,000 to have a girl” and subtitled, ‘Jayne Cornwill argues the case for gender selection in Australia.’ Jayne’s story left me wanting to know a lot more about her decision, so here are the questions I would like to ask her if I could. Dear Jayne, I...

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