Peddling the Religion of Death

Peddling the Religion of Death   I decided to write about an incident that happened a couple of weeks ago outside our local abortion facility. This is a story you might like to share with friends or family who think that sidewalk counsellors harass and intimidate people. I know of some (otherwise) very good priests who believe that falsehood. Perhaps they would also benefit from reading this or other stories like it. It was my...

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Misplaced Compassion

Misplaced Compassion And how it makes abortion a solution. Every time I pray outside an abortion facility, it seems there is a lesson to be learnt. And today was no exception. Today’s lesson was about misplaced compassion; specifically, three men showed me how misplaced compassion allows abortion to become a solution. Today’s Lesson The abortion facility was very busy this morning - usually, by the time I arrive,...

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Buffer-Zone Arrests

Buffer-Zone Arrests   Three people were arrested in Hobart, Tasmania, for protesting the state’s abortion-provider exclusion-zone laws. Two were later released, but my friend, Graham was strip-searched and held in custody for four hours! You can read Graham’s report below. And please sign the Change.Org petition which has been organised by a group of prolife people in the ACT, where similar laws are being suggested....

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Pro-life Persecution

Pro-Life Persecution. It seems that in the Western world of  endless “choice” and personal freedom, pro-lifers are the only ones who don’t have those luxuries. In the US, Great Britain and Australia, supporters of abortion appear to be free to slander and ostracise pro-life people for  providing help to mothers in crisis, or even for something as simple wearing pro-life t-shirts. When the fundamental human rights of...

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Civil Disobedience - Right or Obligation?

  Civil Disobedience - Right or Obligation? In our post-Christian world, the laws which underpin our constitution, God’s Laws - the Ten Commandments - have been skewed, watered down, dismantled and even rejected. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of abortion law. In the West, particularly in Australia and the US, there are anti-Christian laws which uphold the rights of abortion providers, but...

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Is Praying Outside Abortion Centres Authentically Christian?

Letter From the Zone #3 is my weekly reflection after praying outside Hobart’s abortion centre, within the 150 metre exclusion zone. The focus of this week’s post is on the benefits of praying directly outside an abortion centre.   It is inevitable that there will be found Christians who believe it is wrong to pray in public. Matthew 6:5 is often cited:   And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites;...

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