The Real Presence

The Real Presence   Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world. John 6:51   This story came via a circuitous route of faithful Catholic newsletters, and was originally written by Fr.  Albert J Byrne, under the title Natures’ Evidence of the Real Presence. On the evening of the last day of his October 1995 visit to the US, Pope John Paul II was scheduled...

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The Power of the Eucharist

From a human point of view, there is no reason why the Catholic Church is still in existence. After all, there aren’t many institutions of any kind, which have lasted for two thousand years while still retaining their original character. Many other religions have come and gone during that time, or have so adapted and evolved as to no longer be associated with their roots. Not so the Catholic Church, however: Her teaching is a...

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Gaudium et Spes: Part II - 47

Gaudium et Spes: Part II - 47 Fostering the Nobility of Marriage and the Family   The well-being of the individual person and of human and Christian society is intimately linked with the healthy condition  of that community produced by marriage and family. Hence Christians and all men who hold this community in high esteem sincerely rejoice in the various ways by which men today find help in fostering this community of love...

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Mary Loves a Chaste Heart - a Poem

Mary Loves A Chaste Heart -a Poem by Christopher Ziegler   This lovely poem first appeared at Christ’s Faithful Witness  (Please have a look at this great, faithful Catholic site) and is reproduced here with permission.   Mary loves a chaste heart— But so often have I struggled.   A wandering mind begets temptation. When I remove my eye from Mary, I begin to believe I can trust myself. Soon the cravings of sin...

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Defend My Life - a prayer from the womb -

Defend My Life - a prayer from the womb - This pro-life poem was sent to me by a young Australian mother of seven.         Defend My Life - a prayer from the womb -   A baby in your womb is so precious so small so vulnerable and once conceived uniquely created for all eternity   A baby in the womb has a heartbeat just like you and me A baby in the womb is a human life just like you...

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Evangelium Vitae #16

Evangelium Vitae #16     Another present-day phenomenon, frequently used to justify attacks and threats against life, is the demographic question. This question arises in different ways in different parts of the world. In the rich and developed countries there is a disturbing decline or collapse of the birthrate. The poorer countries, on the other hand, generally have a high rate of population growth, difficult to sustain...

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