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THE ABC LINK has been in the news lately in Australia, ahead of Melbourne’s upcoming World Congress of Families conference, which will feature a presentation by renowned breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi. Some controversy has erupted over whether or not politicians should lend their support to such an event as the WCF.

And while it’s fairly obvious that the only controversy involved is that normal, decent people continue to uphold the values of traditional marriage and the sanctity of human life, Senator Eric Abetz brought the ABC issue into the limelight by daring to publicly suggest even the possibility of a link. Although he later issued a statement to clarify that he didn’t agree with the validity of the ABC correlation, it appears that this topic is too controversial to be discussed by the mainstream media.

Well, members of the pro-life movement know that the evidence for a direct correlation between abortion and breast cancer is solid; in fact, it is overwhelming. But it’s difficult to easily persuade the opposition that the link does indeed exist. So, I’ve produced a short video which includes some statistics gleaned from the major studies, which you might like to share on social media, add to your blogposts, or email to friends.




The links below will take you to current studies which have found a correlation between abortion and breast cancer.

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer has the largest stockpile of relevant articles and recent studies on the ABC link. A complete list of ABC studies conducted since 1957 is available here.

Another good source of current information is the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute website.

The Australian Federation for the Family website has some more information about the ABC link, including an informative video of a presentation by former Miss Oregon, Brita Acuri. The video is almost an hour in length, but is well worth watching.

Bill Muehlenberg has also written a great article about the politics of the ABC link in Australia on his blog, Culture Watch.

And Catholic microbiologist, Dr. Gerard Nadal, has written many articles about this topic on his very interesting blog, Coming Home.


The stats used in the video can be found here:

“Many relevant medical studies in the last 60 years have found a correlation between induced abortion and the incidence of breast cancer”

‘Scientific Review of 72 Epidemiological studies.’

China 2013: 44% increased risk of breast cancer after one induced abortion

‘Study of 36 Chinese Abortion Breast Cancer Studies’

UK 2005: Ireland has the lowest incidence of abortion in the British Isles. Ireland also has the lowest abortion rate.

Both abortion and breast cancer are more prevalent in the higher social classes in the UK.

Legally Induced Abortion: the best predictor of 3 British breast cancer trends.’

Australia 2005: Abortion causes a 100% increase in the risk of breast cancer

Rohan TE, in: Andrieu N, Duffy SW, Rohan TE, Le MG, Luporsi E, Gerber M, Renaud R, Zaridze DG, Lifanova Y, Day NE. Familial risk, abortion and their interactive effect on the risk of breast cancer-a combined anal. of six case-control studies. Br J Cancer 1995;72:744-51

USA 1988: A first trimester abortion before the first full-term pregnancy is actually associated with an increased risk of breast cancer”

USA 2002: “A teenager who procures an abortion has at best a 30% risk of breast cancer in her lifetime, and this is almost guaranteed, with a family history of breast cancer.”

 ‘Quotes from the Experts’

“Recent prospective studies, widely touted as refuting the ABC link, are found to embody many serious methodologic flaws, sufficiant to invalidate their findings.”

‘Induced Abortion as an Independent Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: A Critical Review of Recent Studies Based on Prospective Data’ by Joel Brind Phd, 2005




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